Published: 16 June 2022

Voting by courier

Voting by courier means that someone other than yourself takes your vote to your polling station or another voting place for early voting.

If you wish to vote by courier, you must obtain special courier voting materials. These materials can be ordered from the Swedish Election Authority, a municipality, or a county administrative board.

You may vote by courier due to one of the following reasons

You may vote by messenger due to one of the following reasons:
  • old age
  • illness
  • impairment
  • if you are an inmate of a remand centre or penal institution
  • if you are served by PostNord AB’s rural postmen and voting by messenger with the assistance of the rural postman.

Persons who may be a courier

Persons who may be a courier:

  • your spouse or cohabitee
  • your children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, or those of your spouse or cohabitee
  • those who provide you with care in a professional or similar capacity, or who otherwise normally help you in your personal affairs
  • rural postmen employed by PostNord AB
  • employees at a remand centre or a penal institution.

If you do not know someone who can act as courier for you, your municipality can arrange for a voting clerk to come to your place of residence. Please contact your municipality.