Published: 17 June 2024

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Law and Order

Election laws

The electoral authorities’ tasks and the holding of elections are primarily regulated in the Elections Act (SFS 2005:837) and the Election Ordinance (SFS 2005:874).

You can read an English translation of the Elections Act on the website of the Government Offices of Sweden:

English translation of the Elections Act on External link.

Order at polling stations

Voting clerks are responsible for ensuring that voting takes place in a proper manner and that there is order at the polling stations, the voting place, and among the ballot papers. Parties may not engage in propaganda where the voters prepare their votes.

If you think that the voting process was not carried out in the proper manner, you should first and foremost point this out to the voting clerks. You may also contact the municipal election committee.

Appealing the election result

If you believe that something wrong or a mistake has impacted the result of the election, you can appeal the election result. Appeals shall be sent to the

Election Review Board no earlier than the day after the election, and no later than ten days after the election result has been announced.

Election Review Board (in Swedish) External link.

Certain incidents may constitute a crime

Crimes that shall be reported to the police includes, for example, if someone

  • gives or receives a reward for voting in a certain way or for not voting at all
  • finds out how someone has voted or
  • attempts to impede the election or corrupt the results.