Published: 12 February 2024


There are many different rules for political parties who wish to be electable in the Swedish elections.

A party that was elected to an executive congregation on either a national, regional, local level or European Parliament in the previous election will be registered for the next election automatically. If a party received seats in the Swedish Parliament, it is automatically registered for the next election to the municipal and regional councils as well as for the next election to the European Parliament.

A party who has a registered denomination and who also registers its candidates for a specific election, will also be considered registered as participants in that election.

Others must register for election manually

Parties that do not meet the requirements to be automatically registered for the election must register manually 30 days before the election at the latest.

Parties can register their denomination

Parties can also register their denomination. To do that, the party must be a legal entity and create a list of signatures that supports the registration. Parties that have registered their denomination can register their candidates and thus lock its list of candidates so that voters cannot add other nominees to the list.

A party must register its denomination by the last day of February, in the same year as the election, for the denomination to be valid for that election year.