Published: 17 February 2020

Voting by proxy

Voting by proxy means that someone other than yourself takes your vote to your polling station or another location for early voting.

If you wish to vote by proxy, you must obtain special proxy voting materials. These materials can be ordered from the Swedish Election Authority, a municipality, or a county administrative board.

You may vote by proxy due to one of the following reasons

  • Advanced age,
  • illness,
  • disability,
  • placement in prison or incarceration facility,
  • residing or staying alongside a countryside letter carrier route and then voting by proxy with the assistance of the letter carrier.

People who can deliver a vote by proxy

  • Your spouse or registered cohabiting partner,
  • your children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, or those of your spouse or registered cohabiting partner,
  • those who professionally or in a similar manner provide you with care, or those who otherwise assist you in your personal affairs,
  • a countryside letter carrier,
  • employees at a prison or an incarceration facility.

If you do not know someone who can act in proxy for you, your municipality can arrange for an election official to come to your place of residence. Contact your municipality.

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