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Publicerad: 31 maj 2019

European Parliamentary election results

The Election Authority Board has, on this date 31 May, taken a decision to establish the results of the election to the European Parliament.

On Friday 31 May the county administrative boards completed the final counting of the votes. Valmyndigheten, The Swedish Election Authority, has now distributed the Swedish seats to the European Parliament, appointed council members and their deputies and established the final election results. This decision with attachments is available in the Election Results Presentation.

Distribution of seats among the parties:

  • The Centre Party: 2 seats
  • The Christian Democrats: 2 seats
  • The Green Party: 2 seats
  • The Left Party: 1 seat
  • The Liberal Party: 1 seat
  • The Moderate Party: 4 seats
  • The Social Democratic party: 5 seats
  • The Sweden Democrats: 3 seats

In the event of a possible exit from the EU by the United Kingdom, a 21st seat on Sweden's behalf will be assigned to the The Green Party based on the election results.

Decision on results on election to the European Parliament Länk till annan webbplats.

Summary of the election results