Till startsidan

Registration of party name

The party name is the name that the party concerned wishes to be printed on its ballot papers. The party name can also include a symbol.

A party is not forced to register its party name in order to stand for election; instead they may order ballot papers with no registered party name on them.

However by registering their name with the Election Authority it is possible for a party to protect its name so that cannot be used by another party.

If the Election Authority is to be able to register a party name, its application must be supported by a certain number of voters. The name may not resemble any other party name to the extent that they may be confused with each other. It is also necessary that the party concerned
proves that statutes have been adopted and a board elected.

Applications to register a party name must have been received by the Election Authority by the last day of February of the election year at the latest if the registration is to apply in the election that year.

If a party name has been registered for a parliamentary election, the registrationis also valid for municipal and county council elections throughout Sweden and for election to the European Parliament. If a party name is registered for county council elections, the registration is valid for elections to the county council concerned and for elections to municipal councils in the county. Registration for an election to the European Parliament is valid only for election to the European Parliament.

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