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Polling stations

There is one polling station (vallokal) in each electoral district.

On Election Day, the voter votes at the polling station in the district where he/she is included in the electoral roll. The exact location of the relevant polling station is stated on the voting card.

Any voters who are not known to the voting clerks must show identification or otherwise confirm their identity before casting their votes. The election clerks must also make a note of how they have checked voter identities.

Polling stations must be accessible for people with disabilities. If, due to disability, the voter still cannot enter the polling station the election officials may collect their vote from outside the polling station.

Polling stations are normally open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (9 p.m. for the European Parliament election). The Election Committee may decide on shorter opening hours after consultation with the relevant County Administrative Board.

The Election Committee in each municipality determines the premises that are most suitable and also appoints at least four individuals to act as election officials at each polling station. At least three election clerks must be present at the polling station during the hours of vote reception.

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