Published: 5 February 2020

Election Results

Preliminary Election Results

After voting has ended on election day, election officials open the ballot boxes and votes are counted for the first time and results are reported to the Swedish Election Authority.

When all of the votes have been completely counted, and all the polling stations have reported their results, the Election Authority preliminarily allocates mandates.

Final Election Results

The County Administrative Boards then tally all the votes a second time. Then, individual candidate votes are tallied for all candidates.

In elections for parliament, municipality and county council, the parliament votes are counted first. Thereupon, votes are tallied for municipal delegates and finally, votes for the county council delegates.

The results are presented continuously on the Swedish Election Authority’s website.

The final results for the election to the parliament and the European parliament are determined approximately one week after election day.

All results of the elections for the municipal and county council delegates are typically determined approximately 14 days after election day.

Election results are published at On the website, current and outgoing representatives of the current mandate period are listed.

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