Till startsidan

Election bodies

The Election Authority is responsible for planning and coordinating the implementation of national elections and referendums.

This authority also develops and maintains the necessary IT support for the entire election administration.

The Election Authority establishes electoral rolls, voting cards, ballots and other election material. After the election, the Election Authority distributes the seats among the parties and establishes the members and substitutes who have been elected for the parliamentary and European Parliament elections.

The County Administrative Board is the regional election authority. The County Administrative Board takes decisions concerning electoral districts, is responsible for the final count in all elections and establishes the results of the municipal and county council elections.

The Election Committee in each municipality forms the local election authority and appoints election officials, ensures that there are polling stations in the municipality and bears full responsibility for advance voting there. This committee is also responsible for the preliminary count of the votes both on Election Day and on the Wednesday of the week following Election Day. The municipality is responsible for the costs for election officials and polling stations.

The Election Review Board takes decisions concerning appeals. The Board consists of seven members. The Chair of the Board must have qualified as a judge and may not be a member of parliament. The Riksdag appoints the members of the Board.