Till startsidan

Publicerad: 20 April 2018


Anyone who considers that a mistake or an error has been made which has affected the results of an election may appeal this result.

As regards the Parliamentary and European Parliament elections, the appeal should be sent to the Election Authority. As concerns municipal and county council elections, appeals are to be submitted to the relevant County Administrative Board. Appeals must have been received by the government authority that is to make the relevant determination within ten days of the announcement of the election results.

The Election Review Board can overturn an election and decree a reelection in a certain election or a certain constituency if an error has been made that could be presumed to influence the outcome of the election. If the error can be corrected through a new counting of the votes or some other lesser measure, the Election Review Board can instead mandate the authority that made the decision to correct the error.

The Election Review Board is the only authority to which elections may be appealed. The Election Review Board´s decision can not be appealed.