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The European citizens’ initiative

Since April 1, 2012 the Election Authority is the competent national authority for verification and certification of statements of support for European citizens’ initiatives.

About the European citizens’ initiative

The European citizens’ initiative is a tool for citizens of the European Union to call on the European Commission to propose legislation on a specific matter. EU-citizens can form a committee and collect statements of support from other EU-citizens. More information, as well as explanations of the rules on how to launch and support an initiative, is provided on the web site of the European Commission.

Click here to open the web site of the European Commission

Statements of support

Statements of support are collected using special forms. Organisers of a European citizens’ initiative are responsible for sending the statements of support forms to the Election Authority. EU-citizens who would like to sign an initiative should contact the organisers for information on how to receive and submit the support forms.

The task of the Election Authority

Each member state of the EU has appointed a national authority responsible for verifying and certifying the number of valid statements of support collected for that country. The Election Authority is the competent national authority of Sweden.

Having verified the number of statements of support collected for Sweden, the Election Authority will deliver a certificate to the organisers of the citizens’ initiative. The certificate will be used by the organisers to demonstrate to the European Commission that they have collected the required number of statements of support.

The Principle of Public Access

Please note that statements of support forms submitted to the Election Authority may be presented to someone who adresses themselves to the authority.

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